Getting Started

This topic describes getting started in Equinix Fabric.

New Users

New Fabric users must first Create a New User Account.

Existing Users

Existing Fabric users can navigate to the Equinix Fabric portal and sign in with their user credentials.

Note: If your company is already using Equinix Fabric and you have an Equinix Customer Portal account, you must request access and permissions with your company administrator. Go to Account Profile > Permissions in the Equinix Customer Portal to submit your request.

For more help, contact your local Equinix Fabric service desk. For a list of regional service desks and contact information, see Equinix Customer Support.

User Management

Customer administrators have the capability to set user privileges at a virtual resource level on the Equinix Customer Portal. Permissions management enables users to manage selective access to their physical and virtual assets.

See Equinix Fabric Permissions.

Virtual Connections

Equinix Fabric customers can connect to service providers and to other Equinix customers, whether or not they are on Equinix Fabric. A growing selection of services are accessible through Equinix Fabric, including cloud, network, unified communications, and SaaS providers, with five additional new providers added every month.

For a list of service providers, see the Service Providers page.

Additional capabilities include the ability to connect to the virtual and physical Equinix infrastructure, such as Network Edge, Equinix Metal, and Equinix Precision Time.

For more information, see Equinix Fabric Virtual Connections.

Equinix Fabric Product Policy

The Equinix Fabric product policy document is a guiding contractual template, explaining general Equinix definitions, policies, SLAs, and terms and conditions of doing business with Equinix. The Equinix Fabric product policy document is a guiding document, and not a contract. See the Equinix Fabric Product Policy Document.