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Equinix Fabric Overview

Create a New User

Reseller Impersonation

Sub-Account User Connecting to Self

Introduction to Permissions Management

Set Privileges for Existing Users

Set Permissions to Connect Between Ports

Manage Layer 2 Connections to Clouds

Manage Layer 3 Subscriptions to Clouds

Manage Layer 2 Service Profiles

Manage Layer 3 Service Profiles

View-Only Permissions

Remove All Permissions

Google Cloud Interconnect Through Fabric

Port-to-Port Self Connections

Access Unitas Global Services

Permissions for Shared Assets

Layer 2 Service Profile Creation

Connection Traffic Monitoring

Permissions Across Organizations

Create a Support Ticket

Create a Connection with an A-side Token

Create a Connection with a Z-side Token

Consolidated Portal Experience

Equinix Fabric Dashboard

Port Ordering Workflow

Service Token Inventory

Connections Inventory for Layer 2 Connections

Create an E-Access EPL Connection

Self-Connect Using A-Side Tokens

Quick Connect for Fabric