About Network Edge

PurposeNetwork Edge is an open source x86-based infrastructure platform that allows users to select, configure, and activate virtual network devices and services in near real-time.

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Network Edge users can perform the following:

  • Select an appropriate network service and vendor to match your immediate or long term needs (such as a Cisco router or a Juniper firewall).

  • Choose the right licensing structure that works for your organization (either bring your own license or the Equinix subscription service).

  • Configure the device with basic settings in the portal or via API.

  • Deploy the device in the desired Equinix location around the globe.

  • Create connections to other devices, other Equinix services (such as Equinix Fabric) or access the device directly to implement additional configurations just as you would any other network equipment.


Network Edge includes:

  • Infrastructure resources that have already been tested with and optimized for your specific device and vendor.

  • A pre-configured virtual port into the Equinix Fabric to connect with Cloud and Software Service providers, partners, and to your own infrastructure on Platform Equinix around the globe.

  • 15Mbps of dedicated Internet access to connect to your virtual devices from anywhere via HTTPS, SSH (up to 5 users/devices when using the Equinix-Configured deployment option), IPSec VPN, or SD-WAN.

  • Publicly routable IP space (/32 - 1 IP address) with the ability to add your own registered public address space via a Network Service Provider (NSP). Several NSPs are available for connection on the Equinix Fabric.

The platform also has a Network Edge device that includes:

  • A full image of the selected device with a pre-loaded OS from the vendor.

  • A device license management system that supports your existing license (Bring Your Own License) or a monthly subscription fee (Pay As You Go) model.

  • VPN, SSH, and other portal-based services to ensure secure, direct access to your device.

Once a device is activated, use it as the A-end for any connections, just like a physical port. 

Vendors and Device Types 

Network Edge includes access to a marketplace of available device types and vendors. The options vary depending on time and your location. For more information about current vendors and available devices, see Vendors and Devices.

Browser Compatibility

Equinix websites and portals support current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

Pop Quiz

Can I connect to other Equinix users with Network Edge?

Correct! Network Edge lets you connect to anything that Equinix Fabric can connect to, so Network Edge customers can connect to many private parties.

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