Equinix Network Edge

Optimize your hybrid multi-cloud network and increase agility with Equinix Network Edge.

Equinix Network Edge provides virtual networking services that run on a modular infrastructure platform, optimized for deployment and interconnection of both physical and virtual network presence.

Select, configure, and activate Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) and services in near real-time.

Get started with a free 14-day trial:

  • Create a free account on our Fabric portal or log in with your existing account.

  • Select up to two devices from our list of vendors.

  • Plug and play with your existing digital infrastructure.



Network Edge includes:

  • Fully automated VNFs environment along with easy-to-order and provision marketplace for industry leading network functions.

  • A pre-configured, service-ready virtual port into the Equinix Fabric to connect with Cloud and Software Service providers, partners, and to your own infrastructure on Platform Equinix around the globe.

  • Dedicated 15Mbps Internet connection to access and manage your virtual devices from anywhere through HTTPS, SSH (up to 5 users/devices when using the Equinix-configured deployment option), IPSec VPN, or SD-WAN.

  • Publicly routable IP space (/32 - one IP address) with the ability to add your own registered public address space through a Network Service Provider (NSP). Several NSPs are available for connection on the Equinix Fabric.

The platform also has a Network Edge device that includes:

  • A full image of the selected device with a pre-loaded OS from the vendor.

  • A device license management system that supports your existing license (Bring Your Own License) or a monthly subscription fee (Pay As You Go) model.

  • VPN, SSH, Access Control List (ACL), and other portal-based services to ensure secure, direct access to your device.

Once a device is activated, use it as the A-end for any connections, just like a physical port. 

Vendors and Device Types 

Network Edge includes access to a marketplace of available device types and vendors. For more information about current vendors and available devices, see Vendors and Devices.

Deployment Locations

Network Edge devices can be deployed in over 25+ global Metro locations.

Browser Compatibility

Equinix websites and portals support current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

What’s Next?

For new users, test drive your Network Edge device by signing up Network Edge Free Trial. You can create your Equinix Fabric Portal account and deploy your network device functions instantly.