Pricing, Billing, and Terms

Purpose This topic describes key concepts about Equinix Fabric pricing and billing to make it easier to understand what you are charged on your monthly invoice.

Priced Elements

An Equinix Fabric invoice includes four priced elements:

  • Ports – Physical interfaces hosting Equinix Fabric traffic

  • Connections – Virtual connections made locally within a Metro or globally between Metros

  • Additional Elements – Routing Instances, Connectors, Subscriptions, and IP Address Blocks

The following table contains important considerations and details to consider when pricing Equinix Fabric elements:

Element Details
Port Fee
  • 1G, 10G, or 100G non-recurring charge (NRC) and monthly recurring charge (MRC)

  • Port pricing includes Campus Connect or Metro Connect for network platform connections

  • Minimum one-year (12 Month) term with Early Term Liability (ETL) applicable if terminated earlier

  • Customer can be in any IBX where Equinix Fabric is available

Connection Fee
  • Based on the billing bandwidth tiers - 50M/200M/500M/1G/2G/5G/10G

  • Only MRC

  • Fee applies for connections made within a Metro.

  • No term commitment

  • No ETL

Additional Elements (if applicable)

  • MRC charges

  • Layer 3 Routing Instance fee – Integrates the connection fee for Layer 3

  • Layer 3 Connector fee – Replaces the connection fee for Layer 3

  • Layer 3 subscription – Replaces the remote connection fee for Layer 3

  • IP Block per Metro fee – Equinix provided /29 for Layer 3 connections

Additional charges apply when deploying an Equinix Network Edge virtual device over Equinix Fabric. Refer to the Equinix Network Edge standard pricing model for further details.

Equinix Fabric ports can be ordered online using the Equinix Customer Portal, the Equinix Fabric Portal, or through your Equinix Sales Representative.