Virtual Connections

Port to Port Self Connections Video

A connection is the primary object connecting two points, such as a connection between ports or routing instances.

To create a connection in Equinix Fabric, go to Connections and click Create Connection. Select the type of connection you want to make and follow the workflow. When you are ready, submit your order. Based on your requirements, you can create Layer 2 or Layer 3 connections. You can connect to Service Providers, Yourself (Internal), or Another Fabric Customer.

To view your current connections, go to Connections and click Connections Inventory. For more information, see Connections Inventory.


Virtual connections help you by allowing on-demand connectivity to the services you need. It is easy to make virtual connections with a few clicks in the Fabric Portal.

  • Bypass the public internet and reduce security threats and attack surfaces

  • Reach global markets across our expanding multitude of locations

  • Simplify how you interconnect to thousands of service providers

  • Connect via APIs for automated provisioning

  • Utilize low-latency private connections running over a purpose-built Layer 2 network

  • Interconnect physical and virtual infrastructure

Components include: ports (standard or unlimited), virtual connectors, connectors, routing instances, subscriptions, and service profiles. For more information, see Technical Components.

Pricing and Billing

See Virtual Connections in Pricing and Billing for more information on Equinix Fabric pricing and billing scenarios.