Global Navigation Menu

You can sign into multiple Equinix products at once, and then use the global navigation menu to access the products you subscribe to.

Note: If you need a username and password for the portal, contact your Equinix representative.

Sign Into the Equinix Portal

Tip: If you previously signed into a product directly, such as Equinix Fabric, you can continue to sign in that way. You are automatically taken to the consolidated portal experience within your product.

  1. In a browser, go to

  2. On the sign-in page, enter your username and password.

    Note: Email-based authentication is available to IAM users. For more information, see Enable Email-based authentication.

  3. If MFA is enabled, provide the second authentication factor. For more information, see Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

  4. If you have linked user identities, select one from the list. For more information, see Link User Accounts.

Navigate Between Portals

Once you've signed into the portal, you can click the global navigation menu () at the top left, and select the portal you want to access:

At any time, you can click the menu again to navigate to a different portal.

Note: Products shown with beside the name are not MFA-enabled yet. These portals launch in a separate window. For more information, see Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Find Smart Hands, Trouble Tickets, Orders, and Other Features

Most of the Equinix Customer Portal and colocation-related features (including Smart Hands, Trouble Tickets, Orders and Tickets History, Work Visits, Install Base, the interconnection products, and more) are now located under the Colocation section of the global navigation menu:

Tip: For the main Orders dashboard, select Colocation > Overview.

Note: The option for Identity and Access Management appears in the global navigation menu only for IAM users.

Home Page

To go to your Home page, click the global navigation menu () at the top left and select Home.

From the Home page, you can monitor information from your products and services in one place:

The dashboard displays various panels:

  • Quick links to products

  • Messages from Equinix

  • Your recent orders

  • Your support cases

  • Your notifications

Note: Your panels may vary, depending on your permissions.

For the Orders and Support panels, you can choose between two views — Summary View and List View:

To view more information, click the View All link at the bottom of the panel.

To share your ideas or opinions about the Home dashboard, click Share Feedback and complete the short feedback form.