Multi-Factor Authentication

Important: Equinix strongly recommends that you enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for your organization. This strategy adds a layer of security to ECP and other Equinix portals, including Equinix Fabric, Internet Exchange, and Equinix IBX.

MFA increases security with an additional verification step that requires a portal password and a one-time password (OTP) sent to an alternate registered trusted device.

Note: When you enable MFA, all users within your organization will be required to register a secondary authentication method using an alternate mechanism, such as a cell phone or email address, to receive the OTP for all subsequent logins to the Equinix Customer Portal.

Opt-in for Multi-Factor Authentication

  1. Log into the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP).

  2. Click Administration, and select Account and Security Management.

  3. Select Multi-Factor Authentication.

    A message is displayed.

  4. Click Enable. Once MFA is enabled, an email notification is sent to the Master Administrator.

Register Devices for MFA

  1. Click Continue.

  2. Choose a method. You are required to register minimum two alternate authentication methods.

    The method you select first will be the primary alternate authentication method.

Note: You must finish registering one authentication method completely before registering other authentication methods. Click Cancel at any point in this process to clear all registration methods that were previously configured.

Authentication Methods


  1. Select your home country and provide a mobile number, and click Next.

  2. Enter the OTP, and click Next.

  3. Click Register Another to return to the Authentication Method Selection page.

Note: You can change your primary authentication device, add another authentication method, reset the process and start over, or finish registration.


  1. Select Email.

  2. Provide an email address where the OTP is sent, and click Next.

  3. Enter the OTP registration code, and click Next.

  4. You can register another authentication method or finish the registration.

Desktop App

  1. Select Desktop App, and click Next.

  2. Launch the PingID application from your desktop, if available. (If PingID is not available yet on your desktop, download and install it, then launch the application.)

  3. Follow the wizard to pair PingID with your MFA registration.

Mobile App

  1. Select Mobile App, and download the PingID app.

  2. Select Mobile App, and click Next.

  3. Scan the QR code into the PingID app, and select Finish Registration.

    Note: Alternatively, you can manually enter the pairing key. A success message is displayed. You can register another device or finish the registration process.

  4. Click Continue. The system automatically requires you to authenticate using the first MFA method you registered.

Authenticate Using MFA

  1. Log into the Equinix Customer Portal.

  2. Enter the OTP from SMS or email.

  3. Click Sign On.

Authenticate with an Alternate Registered Device

  1. When you are asked to enter OTP, click Change Device.

  2. Select the alternate authentication method, and click Sign On.

Change the Primary Authentication Device

  1. When you are asked to enter OTP, click Change Device. All the registered devices are displayed.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Activate your primary method.

    Note: You are required to authenticate with your existing method before editing the primary authentication method.

  4. You can now log into the Equinix Customer Portal using your new primary authentication device.