Enable Email-based Login

Email-based authentication replaces user name-based authentication. It enables access to new Equinix Identity and Access Management features. Now, you can link user accounts to conveniently switch between accounts without having to re-login.

Important: Email-based login is NOT available to users with masked email addresses.

Warning: After enabling this feature, you can't log in using your user name.

To enable email-based login:

  1. Log in to any Equinix portal using your user name.

  2. On the Migrate Your Account page, enter your email address and click Continue.

    Note: This page is displayed each time you log in. You will have 3 chances to skip the migration process. After that, the migration process will be enforced and the skip button will no longer be displayed.

  3. Enter the verification code you received in an email and click Verify Email.

  4. Select other username-based accounts that you want to link with the email-based account and click Continue.

    Important: After enabling email-based login, you won't be able to log in using the selected user names.

  5. Enter a password that meets the password security criteria, repeat the password, then click Create Password.

  6. Click Confirm Change to complete the process.

  7. Click Sign in to Equinix Customer Portal to navigate to the portal.