Link User Accounts

User accounts linking enables consolidating multiple user accounts under one with an email-based authentication. Linked accounts are available as profiles you can switch between without having to re-login.

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Note: Before you proceed with linking accounts, you must enable email-based authentication. For details, see Enable Email-based Authentication.

Important: Currently, accounts linking is enabled for Metal accounts and links only one user name-based account.

To link an account:

  1. Log in to any Equinix portal using a user name that hasn't been migrated to email-based authentication.

  2. Provide an email address that you use for email-based authentication.

  3. Enter your password and click Continue.

  4. Click Proceed to confirm linking the user name to the existing account associated with the given email address.

  5. Click Continue to Portal to navigate to the portal.

Switch Between User Profiles

To switch between user profiles:

  1. Log in to any Equinix portal.

  2. From the user menu in the top-right corner, select your user profile.

  3. Click the profile you want to switch to.