Verizon Software-Defined Interconnect (SDI)

Create a virtual connection to Verizon’s Private IP (PIP), Ethernet, or IP networks over Equinix Fabric using Verizon SDI.

Two methods of access to the Verizon network are available:

  • Verizon-ordered access – Initiated through the Verizon portal, these are Equinix Fabric virtual connections that originate from the Verizon access points (Fabric ports) towards a CSP, a Customer Cage, Equinix Metal or Network Edge. These connections are created by obtaining an A-side token from Verizon that is emailed to the customer’s email address, then redeemed by the customer in the Equinix Fabric portal, allowing the customer to create a connection to almost any Equinix Fabric provider or other destination.

    Tip: Refer to Create Connections with an A-Side Token for instructions on how to redeem an A-side token in the Fabric portal.

    Note: For more information about ordering SDI from Verizon, contact your Verizon sales representative for ordering instructions.

  • Customer-ordered access – Use the Equinix Fabric portal to create a connection to a Verizon SDI service profile that describes any of the available Verizon network services to which you want to connect over Fabric.

    Customer-ordered access requires a Verizon authentication key when completing the connect request in the Fabric portal. This authentication key is needed to complete the connection in the Verizon portal. The same authentication key can be used to create multiple connections over the same SDI. If you need to use a new or different authentication key, you must order a new SDI service instance from Verizon. The authentication key is shown in the success page as below:

Verizon-ordered Access


Customer-ordered Verizon SDI Access

Create a connection from your Fabric Port or Network Edge virtual device to Verizon SDI.

Connect to Verizon SDI from a Fabric Port or Network Edge Virtual Device

  1. Log in to Equinix Fabric.

  2. From the Connections menu, select Create Connection.

  3. On the A Service Provider card, click Connect to a Service Provider.

  4. Enter Verizon in the search field.

  5. On the Verizon card, click Select.

  6. Choose service profile and click Create Connection.

    Tip: Choose Verizon Software Defined Interconnect - High BW service profile for connection speeds over 1 Gbps. Otherwise, select Verizon Software Defined Interconnect.

  7. In the Connect Using section, select how you want to connect to Verizon SDI.

    • Port – Select if you want to connect using a port.

    • Virtual Device – Select if you want to connect using a Network Edge virtual device.

  8. Select a location and choose your port or Network Edge virtual device instance.

  9. Select a connection destination and click Next.

  10. In the Connection Information section:

    • Virtual Connection Name – Enter a name for the connection.

    • VLAN ID – Enter the VLAN ID.

  11. In the Peering Type Selection, enter the Z-side inner tag or the C-tag.

  12. Enter your purchase order number.

  13. In the Connection Speed section, select a Billing Tier and Speed combination and Click Next.

  14. Review your order and verify that the details are correct.

    Tip: Click Design Summary to download your order details in PDF format.

  15. In the Notifications section, enter any additional email address(es) that should receive notifications about this subscription.

  16. Click Submit Order.

  17. Share the Authentication Key displayed on the order confirmation page with your Verizon sales representative.

    Note: Once Verizon has accepted your connection, your Equinix Fabric connection will automatically be provisioned and you will receive an email notification about connection's status change.

Authentication Keys

The confirmation message provides your Authentication Key. This Authentication Key can be used again for additional connections from a Fabric port, or you can choose to create a new Authentication Key for each subsequent connection.

The Authentication Key is also available on the connection's details page in the Order Details section.

To access connection details page:

  1. From the Connections menu, select Connections Inventory.

  2. Locate your Verizon SDI connection and click it.

  3. Click Order Details to expand the section.

Multi-VRF Configurations

Verizon customers can connect to the PIP network in both Single and Multi-VRF configurations from their Fabric ports. However, this option is not available when connecting from a Network Edge virtual device. The PIP Network is available through customer or Verizon-ordered SDI (through the Equinix Fabric portal) with either single (Dot1q) or double (QinQ) tagging.