Connect My Assets Using E-Line

Port-to-Port Self Connections Video

An E-Line service enables point-to-point connectivity between Equinix ports or virtual devices. Connections can be VLAN-based between two EVPL (.1q or QinQ) ports or virtual devices, or port-based (highly transparent) between two EPL ports. While EPL is highly transparent, filtering only the pause frames, EVPL is required to either peer or drop most of the Layer 2 control protocols.

This feature can be used by any Fabric customer, including sub-accounts of resellers.

  1. Sign in to Equinix Fabric.

  2. From the Connections menu, select Create Connection.

  3. On the My Own Assets card, click Connect to My Own Assets.

  4. On the Connect My Assets as E-line card, click Create Connection.

  5. Select the origin Port or Virtual Device, metro, and port.

  6. Select the destination metro and port, then click Next.

  7. Enter Connection Information, a VLAN ID, a Peering Type Selection, a Purchase Order Number (optional), and Seller C-tag information.

  8. Select a Connection Speed, then click Next.

    The connection is automatically provisioned.

  9. Review the Connection Summary and Pricing Overview, add an optional email address for Notifications, then click Submit Order.

    The Connections Inventory section of the portal shows the status of this new connection.