Notification Center

The customer header will display a red dot on the notification bell to indicate new notifications. To lean more about the customer profile header, please visit the Customer Support Center landing page in Case Management.

You can see your port order history on the Notification Center page if you miss a call or email notification from the portal. In the top right corner of the page, click the order Notification bell in the customer profile header. If there are notifications that require action, those items will appear here.

Note: Network Notifications will be displayed on the portal dashboard or from the bell icon. However Network Specifications will not display on the dashboard. Instead, you must go to the Notification Center to access Network Specifications.

At the bottom of the notification menu, click View All Notifications to proceed to the Notification Center.

  1. In the General tab, select All Filters.

  2. Select the Notifications Type tab from the All Filters menu, and click Network Specifications.

  3. Click Apply.

After you click Apply, you will arrive on the Notification Details page. This page will display the most recent order details. Links are available to complete the required action items within 14 days.

How to Request a Turn-Up Call

If port testing is unsuccessful, you can complete a Turn-Up Call Request. At the bottom of the Notification Details page, you can use your Order Information to complete your Turn-Up Call Request form. To request a turn-up call, you must access the Support Case area to use this feature.

Note: You must have Install Base permission to see the Order ID and Asset Number when requesting a Turn-Up Call. See Permissions for how to request this permission.

  1. In the top right corner of the portal, click Support .
  2. Scroll down and click Open a Support Case on the support tray.
  1. On the Case Management page, Select a Product or a Service in the drop down option.
  2. Select Others (Accounts, Orders, Portal, Etc.)
  3. Another set of selections appear on the right side. ChooseTurn-Up Call Requestat the bottom.
  4. Fill in the details below, starting with case type.
  5. Choose Ports Not Available for connection issues.
  6. Next, choose the product.
  7. Example: The product would be Fabric or Internet Exchange.

  8. Click Yes or No if you will have a team member present during testing.
  9. Click the box and acknowledge the Turn-up Call Pre-requesites You must click Agree to the steps in order to proceed.
  10. Select your Preferred Availability by choosing a Date and Time Range to schedule call times.
  11. Note: Time Slots selected are subject to approval and availability.

  12. If your request is urgent, choose the Yes or No option.
  13. The Support Case Confirmation will show a call confirmation message along with case details. In addition, CSA can be contacted during regular business hours if you need immediate assistance.

  14. Select a Business Justification option.

  15. Click submit to proceed to the Support Case Confirmation page.

The Support Case Confirmation will show a call confirmation message and case details. You can contact CSA during regular business hours if you need immediate assistance.

Case Priority for an urgent request will be handled based on the information given. A business justification must be placed in the description field to ensure the priority of your request is on time.

Case Modification

Once you complete your order or turn-up call request, you may realize essential information that needs to be included. If you have previously started a ticket, you can click on the case and modify the details of the case. Then, follow the steps below to add information to your case.

  1. Click Support at the top right corner of the portal.

  2. Move down and click on Track Your Support Case.

  3. You are sent to Support Case History.

You can use the search bar function on the right side to type your Case or order Number to sort orders accurately. There are filters under the open tab to utilize. You can modify the case details if you have previously started a ticket.

Note: The modify and add notes action can only be taken for cases without orders.

To modify a recent turn-up case:

  1. Click the recent turn-up call case you would like to modify.

  2. Your ticket will open. At the top right of the screen, click Modify.

  3. Type your changes in the Modification Details box.

  4. Upload any other files that will help with the case.

  5. Click Save Changes.

Pop Quiz

How far in advance must you schedule a turn-up call?

Correct! If port testing is unsuccessful, a turn-up call request must be completed within 48 hours.

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