This page explains the permission types in the Customer Portal, and how to request additional permissions from your administrator.

Permission Types

Category Description
Administration and IBX Access Services Request Allows you to manage other Customer Portal user accounts, and schedule IBX access requests (Work Visits, Conference Rooms, and Tours).
Ordering Allows you to place orders in the portal (for Shipments, Cross Connect and Intra-Facility Cables, Network Ports, Smart Hands, Accessories, Power, Trouble Tickets), allows you to view orders by other users, and allows you to view purchase orders for your organization.
IBX Data Center Access Allows you to access IBX data centers and cages, bring guests, remove equipment, become a tour guide, and activate BCTR.
Install Base Allows you to view details about your organization's products/assets and purchase orders. Controls access to the Install Base screen, Install Base report, Colocation Assets screen, and Purchase Order Management screen.
Billing and Payments Allows you to view financial records, payment history, and purchase orders for your organization.
IBX Services Notifications Allows you to subscribe to notifications about IBX incidents, network incidents, unannounced shipments, and managed services.
Internet Exchange Portal Allows you to access and use the Internet Exchange (IX) portal.
Equinix Internet Access and Equinix Connect Allows you to view your Equinix Internet Access and Equinix Connect traffic and network behavior.
Equinix Fabric and Network Edge Allows you to access the Fabric and Network Edge products.
IBX SmartView Allows you to order SmartView for IBXs, order environmental sensors, and view SmartView data.
Remote Network Products Allows you to order remote network products for IBXs in a specific region.
Smart Hands Support Plan Allows you to order a Smart Hands support plan and subscribe to notifications for your support plan.
Colocation Ordering Allows you to order Secure Cabinet Express products online.
Virtual Asset Notification Permission Allows you to view and subscribe to Fabric and Network Edge virtual asset notifications.
Managed Services Portal Allows you to access and use the Managed Services portal.

Request Additional Permissions

Note: This feature is not available (or necessary) for master administrators.

  1. Under your user name, select My Profile.

  2. Click the Permissions tab.

    • The Your Permissions section shows the permission categories for which you already have partial access. For example, you may already have permissions for one IBX or account, and now you would like to add permissions for more IBXs or accounts.

    • The Request Permissions section shows the permission categories for which you do not have any access. (This section is not shown for administrators.)

  3. If you need permissions for a category under Request Permissions, click the category.


    If you need additional permissions for a category under Your Permissions, click the category, then click Request Additional Permissions:

    A list of administrators who can approve your request is shown.

  4. For one or more administrators in the list, click + Add.

  5. Under Administrator(s) Selected (at the bottom), click Email Selected.

  6. A draft email opens in your default email program (such as Outlook). You can modify it as needed before sending.

Note: If you have Notification permissions, your notifications will be delivered via email (by default). You can change your notification preferences in your user profile. See Notification Preferences.