Establish Layer 3 Connections with Redundancy

Network Edge users can create Layer 3 connections to their virtual devices with redundancy. This topic also describes how to view, edit, and delete connections.

Layer 3 Connection Video

To establish a Layer 3 connection with redundancy:

  1. Sign in to Equinix Fabric..

  2. Click Create Connection.
  3. Click the A Service Provider card.
  4. Scroll to view a list of available providers, then Select the provider you want.

  5. Click Virtual Device.
  6. In the Origin section, select the device location.
  7. In the Select Virtual Device Type section, select a device type.
  8. In the Primary Virtual Devices section, click the device you want to connect. Devices with redundancy are indicated by the High Availability icon.

    The selected device displays in the Preview pane at the top of the page.
  9. Select the Primary Connection Speed for the primary device.
  10. Select the Secondary Connection Speed for the secondary device.
  11. Click Next: Connection Details.
    • Enter the Primary Connection Name.

    • Enter the Secondary Connection Name.

    • Choose the Autonomous System Number (ASN). Either select Global ASN, which is already configured for the device, or select Local ASN for this connection and enter the local ASN.

    • Select the Route Type (Public or Private).

  12. Click Next: Review.
  13. On the Review page, review your device details and the pricing.
  14. In the Notifications section, add the email addresses for all users who should receive notifications about this subscription.
  15. Click Submit Your Order.

After submitting the order, an email verification of the order is sent to the user. Once the connection is provisioned, the user will receive a confirmation email.

View, Edit, and Delete Connections


After the Layer 3 connection is provisioned, sellers can accept or reject the connection from dashboard.

Once a connection is accepted, it can be viewed on the Connections page.

Click Connections and select View Connections.

All of the connections will display. Select Incoming to view incoming Layer 3 and Layer 2 connections.

Select a connection to view the connection details.


Buyers can edit the connection name or change the connection speed from the Connections page.

In the Primary Connection Overview section, click Edit to edit the connection name.

In the Bandwidth Details section, click Edit to change the connection speeds.

To delete a connection, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Delete Connection.