Create a Connection

Virtual Device Connection Video

From the landing page, all users with at least one port or virtual device will see options to create connections.

  1. Start a connection in any one of three ways:

    • On the main Network Edge page, click Create.

    • On your Connections Inventory page, click Create Connection.

    • From with the Details of a device, click Create Connection.

    Each connection must have an A-side (also called a source or origin). The A-side can be either a physical port or a virtual device. Available options for each location show when you select a metro and a device.

  2. Select a location, then choose your options. Ports and devices have different options.

    Paired redundant devices automatically shows both Primary and Secondary connections to the destination.

    Note: Devices that are not available for the connection are not selectable.

  3. Go to your Connections Inventory page to view your connection and ensure it's fully provisioned and running.

Some vendors require further configuration. See Vendors and Devices for a current list of vendors and the devices Network Edge supports.