Create a Connection to a Redundant Device

You can create connections to your redundant virtual devices. You can also create a single connection. This topic also describes how to view, edit, and delete connections.

Creating a Single Connection Video

Note: This feature depends on metro availability.

To establish a connection to a redundant device:

  1. Sign in to Equinix Fabric.
  2. Click Create Connection.
  3. On the A Service Provider card, click Connect to a Service Provider.
  4. Scroll to view a list of available providers, then click Select on your preferred provider.

  5. Click Virtual Device.
  6. Select the device location.
  7. In the Select Virtual Device Type section, click Virtual Devices.
  8. Select the virtual device(s) to which you want to connect.
    • To create only one connection, select Create a Single Connection.
  9. Select a Primary Connection Speed, then click Next: Connection Details.
  10. In the Technical Specifications section:
    • Enter the Connection Name.
    • Enter the Global Autonomous System Number (ASN).
    • Select the Route Type.
  11. Click Next: Review. On the Review page, review your order.

  12. Click Submit Your Order.

After submitting the order, an email verification of the order is sent to the user. After the connection is provisioned, a confirmation email is sent to you.

View, Edit, and Delete Connections

After the Layer 3 connection is provisioned, users can view, edit, and delete the connection.

To view connections:

  • Click Connections and select View Connections.

  • All connections display. Select a connection to view the connection details.

To modify the connection name or change connection speeds:

  • In the Primary Connection Overview section, click Edit and type the new connection name.

  • In the Bandwidth Details section, click Edit to change the connection speeds

To delete a connection, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Delete Connection.

Important: This action permanently deletes the connection and its configuration.