F5 NGINX Plus Specifications


Subscription is the only licensing option availabe for F5 NGINX. Bring Your Own License (BYOL) is not supported.


F5 NGINX VNF on Network Edge requires you to have an account at MyF5. For any issue related to F5 NGINX, use MyF5 account to open a case and troubleshoot the issue. F5 Premium support is bundled in the NGINX Plus License on Network Edge. For more information, see NGINX Plus Load Balancer Support.

F5 NGINX Plus Load Balancer

F5 – NGINX Plus Load Balancer (Self-Configured)

  Small Medium Large
CPU 2 Cores 4 Cores 8 Cores
Memory 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB
Software Package Standard
Virtual Data Interfaces Supported (Default/Max) 10 / 10
System Reserved Interfaces Interface 1 (Single deployment)
Interface 10 (Single, Redundant, Cluster deployment)
Available License Type Subscription
Access Methods SSH
Web Console
Image Version See Available Image Versions
Restricted CLI Commands None (Self-configured)
Deployment Options Single

For information about provisioning an F5 NGINX Load Balancer, see Create an F5 NGINX Load Balancer.