Certified VNF Image Versions

This topic summarizes available VNF types and their versions certified by Equinix for Network Edge. The table below indicates available versions, newly introduced versions, the release they were introduced, and versions that will be retired.

Equinix only supports deployment issues with these certified versions and not VNF feature-specific issues.

Note: Equinix conducts a pre-release certification process to ensure stability of the VNF version. Once the VNF image is certified with a specific version, Equinix releases those version codes for the Network Edge portal. Customers are advised to review the certified versions listed below. Uncertified versions are either not tested or have been found to have compatibility issues during the pre-release certification process. Equinix will not support any troubleshooting efforts or provide root causes for uncertified versions. Customers need to work with the VNF vendor support teams to troubleshoot in such cases. For triage information, see Demarcation of Device Responsibility.

Retirement of the version is posted in this document 60 days prior. Removal of the version is upon a release date. (Release number is noted in the retirement date column.) In case of emergency (PSIRT or critical defect), Equinix reserves the right to remove the version from the portal for deployment. It is solely the responsibility of the customer to upgrade or downgrade VNF versions to mitigate security or other risks.

The sale of the Equinix-Configured (EC) device option ended in December 2022. Additionally, Equinix has ended its sale of Cisco CSR1000V VNF offering (Equinix-Configured and Self-Configured (SC) options) based on the CSR1000V End-of-Sales (EOS) announcement by Cisco.

* Aviatrix version 6.9 is limited with up to 3 interfaces and requires an additional supporting device for Layer 3 routing functionality. This means that if you select version 6.9, you need to have an additional support device (such as a router) connected through DLG, to connect to the CSP. This requirement is removed when the 7.1 version is used. Version 7.1 release supports multiple virtual connections with up to 10 interfaces, BGP support on the WAN interface to support CSP private circuits connectivity. This version requires the 7.1 controller.

** The subscription license for the Cisco Catalyst 8000V is only available for 17.11.1a or above. Additionally, the 16 Core size of the Catalyst 8000V is only supported with IOX-XE 17.11.1a or above.

*** Read the Security Advisories from Palo Alto Networks (CVE-2024-3400).