Best Practices

PurposeAdministrators can be assigned roles. A role is a set of permissions and responsibilities.

The Equinix Customer Portal (ECP) supports two administrator roles:

  • Master Administrator – Manages and orders services for all accounts and locations within a portal organization. Also creates and manages all users, including IBX Administrators and other Master Administrators, across the organization.

  • IBX Administrator – Manages only the users in locations that are designated by the Master Administrator.

For instructional videos and more information about these roles, see the ECP Help Resource Center.

Tip: To ensure that administrator support is always available, be sure to designate one or more backup administrators. Consider including additional administrators to cover all the regions of your organization.

Note: Resellers can be assigned roles as Master Administrators and IBX Administrators. See Reseller Administrators.

Important: Equinix strongly recommends that you enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for your organization. This adds another layer of security to ECP and other Equinix portals (Equinix Fabric, Internet Exchange (IX), and IBX SmartView). For instructions, see Multi-Factor Authentication.