Best Practices

Purpose Administrators can be assigned different roles that include various defined permissions and responsibilities.

The Equinix Customer Portal (ECP) supports two administrator roles:

  • Master Administrator – Manages and orders services for all accounts and locations within a portal organization. Also creates and manages all users, including IBX Administrators and other Master Administrators, across the organization.

  • IBX Administrator – Manages only the users in locations that are designated by the Master Administrator.

Resellers can also be assigned to roles as Master Administrators and IBX Administrators. See Reseller Administrators.

Instructional videos and more information about these roles are available in the ECP Help Resource Center.

Important: To ensure that administrator support is always available, be sure to designate one or more backup administrators. Consider including additional administrators to cover all the regions of your organization.

Important: Equinix strongly recommends that you enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for your organization. This strategy adds a layer of security to ECP and other Equinix portals, including Equinix Fabric, Internet Exchange, and Equinix IBX. See Multi-Factor Authentication for instructions.