Migrate Cisco CSR1000V Self-Configured Device (BYOL License) to Catalyst 8000V Self-Configured Device (BYOL)

If you have Cisco Cloud Service Router (CSR) 1000V self-configured device with your own license (BYOL), you can use the self-guided migration tool from the Equinix Portal to migrate to a Catalyst 8000V self-configured device. This topic provides detailed steps to successfully complete your migration.

Note: This migration process takes about 45 to 60 minutes and your device will have limited functionality during that time. Additionally, there is no roll-back function for this migration. You will not be able to roll back to your CSR1000V device once migration is completed.

License Information

This topic assumes you have a proper license for Catalyst 8000V before starting the migration process. The Catalyst 8000V has transitioned to a tier-based DNA licensing model. The table below shows guidance on how to map prior bandwidth-based licenses to the current tier-based license.

Tier Bandwidth
T0 10 Mbps
T1 50 Mbps
T1 100 Mbps
T2 250 Mbps
T2 500 Mbps
T2 1 Gbps
T3 2.5 Gbps
T3 5 Gbps
T3 10 Gbps (IPBase Only)

The legacy CSR1000V licenses also transitioned to DNA licenses. Legacy CSR1000V packages included IP-Base, Security, AppX and AX can be mapped to the DNA license package as shown in the table below.

C8000V CSR1000V
DNA Essentials IPBase SEC
DNA Advantage AppX AX

For more information, see the Cisco Catalyst 8000V Edge Software Ordering Guide and the Cisco Catalyst 8000V Edge Software Installation And Configuration Guide.

Migration Process

  1. Sign in to Equinix Fabric.
  2. From the Network Edge menu, select Virtual Device Inventory.
  3. Select the Cisco CSR1000V self-configured device you want to migrate. A banner will display indicating that Cisco CSR1000V BYOL is end of sale.
  4. Click the Tools tab.
  5. Click Migrate Now.
  6. Review and complete the steps:
    • Procure your license from Cisco (either Network Advantage or Network Essentials).
    • Save a configuration backup via CLI.
    • Deactivate the old license.
  7. Select I acknowledge that I have completed steps 1, 2 and 3.
  8. Click Continue Migration.
  9. Enter your License Token and your Smart License Server URL. This step can be skipped, and your device license can be applied manually later.

  10. Click Continue Migration.

  11. Select your License Package (DNA Advantage or DNA Essentials).

  12. Click Continue Migration.

  13. Confirm the hostname and device name of your Catalyst8000V router identified by the migration tool.

    • Device name is an identifier used in the Network Edge portal.

    • Host name is a name configured in your VNF configuration.

    If you want to change those names after the migration, enter the device name and host name in the appropriate fields.

  14. Click Continue Migration.

  15. Review the Terms and Conditions. Select I have read and understand these terms and click Accept.

  16. In the confirmation box, click Start Migration.

  17. After the migration starts, the status in the Migration section changes to In-Progress.you will see In-Progress status in the migration section. If you hover over to the device card on the top, the status changes to Migration In-Progress.

    When the migration is successfully completed, the status icon on your device details page will change to Provisioned.

  18. If the migration fails, a warning prompt will display. Click the Support Case link to open a support case.

  19. After the migration is successfully completed, configure the following commands to get the full throughput and reload the device.

    C8000V(config)#platform hardware throughput level mb 10000
    C8000V (config)#exit
    C8000V #write memory
    Building configuration...
    C8000V # reload