VMware SD-WAN Device Recovery Process

VMware SD-WAN devices require users to perform a manual recovery process if the Virtual Network Function goes into an unrecoverable state. This topic provides the vendor-specific instructions for the recovery of the VNF.

Note: For the most up-to-date vendor documentation on the recovery steps, see RMA Reactivation.

To replace the existing VMware SD-WAN device:

  1. Sign in to the VCO Orchestrator.

  2. Select Configure > Edge, select the Edge that needs to be reactivated.

  3. Click the Edge Overview tab.

  4. Scroll to RMA Reactivation and click the arrows to expand the section.

  5. Click Request Reactivation. This step generates a new activation key and places the Edge status in Reactivation Pending mode.

    Note: The reactivation key is only valid for one month from the time when the reactivation request was made

  6. Click Send Activation Email.

  7. In the email pop-up, click send to send the new activation key.

    The new activation key is included in the hyperlink provided in the email. The activation key is used during portal RMA.

  8. Disconnect the old Edge and connect the new Edge to the network. Make sure the Edge is reachable from the Orchestrator. Follow activation procedures you received via email.

  9. Click the activation link in the email to activate the Edge.

    The Edge will download the configuration and software from the VCO. The new Edge will be activated successfully and will be ready for service.

  10. Sign in to Equinix Fabric.

  11. From the Network Edge menu, select Virtual Device Inventory.

  12. Use the filters to find the impacted VMWare SD-WAN device. Make sure you select the correct replacement device from the previous section.

  13. Select the device and click the Tools tab in the Device Details.

  14. In the RMA Device card, click Create RMA Request.

  15. Enter the Activation Key obtained in the RMA process in the VMWare SD-WAN web interface, and click Request RMA.

  16. Click Submit RMA Request to confirm your request.

    Warning: This process can’t be canceled once the request is submitted.

  17. The RMA Device card will indicate that your request is in progress.

  18. The device status will indicate Provisioning. After the RMA process is done, the RMA Status changes to Completed with a timestamp. The Provisioning status changes to Provisioned. If any issues prevent the RMA process from completing successfully, the RMA Status will indicate to RMA Failed (displayed in red). If you see this failure status, please open a customer support case.

To submit a support case, see Support.