Google Cloud Platform

You can transfer data reliably between your Equinix on-premises network and the Google Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network by using Google Cloud Partner Interconnect, which includes these features:

  • Low latency, high availability connections between both networks

  • Internal IP address communication to ensure that internal IP addresses are directly accessible from both networks

Google Cloud Interconnect offers the following choices to extend your on-premises network:

  • Dedicated Interconnect – Provides a direct physical connection between your on-premises network and Google's network. Available from Equinix as a cross connect that can be ordered from the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP).

  • Partner Interconnect – Provides connectivity between your on-premises and VPC networks through a supported service provider, available as a Virtual Connection from the Equinix Fabric portal.

  • Google Carrier Peering – Provides access to Google applications, such as Google Workspace, using enterprise grade connections to Google's peering network edge. For details, see Connect to Google Carrier Peering.

To decide which offering suits your needs, see the Cloud Interconnect section in Choosing a Network Connectivity product.

You can connect to Google Cloud Interconnect using a combination of Equinix Fabric portal and Google Cloud Portal or use the Quick Connect option to establish the connection without having to log in to Google Cloud Portal.