Quick Connect to Google Cloud Platform

Quick Connect to Google allows you to create an L2 connection from Equinix Fabric without needing to log in to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to create a Google service key. You can create the connection with a single login.

Quick Connect for Fabric Video


  • A valid Google account to access Google connections.

  • A dedicated router in the Google Cloud Account to create a connection, with the ASN number set as 16550.

  • An enabled compute API in an existing project.

Create a Connection Using Quick Connect

  1. Log in to the Equinix Fabric portal.

  2. From the Connections menu, select Create Connection.

  3. In the A Service Provider card, click Connect to a Service Provider.

  4. Locate the Google Cloud Platform card and click Quick Connect.

  5. Review the requirements for connecting to Google and click Sign In with Google.

  6. In the Add VLAN Attachments section:

    • Project – Choose from the projects you have available on the GCP.

    • Network – Choose the network you want to add the connection for.

    • Region – Choose a region.

      Once the VLAN Attachments section is completed, you can move on to the VLAN A section.

  7. In the VLAN A section:

    • Cloud Router – Choose from the cloud routers available in the selected project, network, and region in the GCP.

    • Name this VLAN Attachment – Enter a name for the connection.

    • Description (Optional) – Enter an optional description.

      Once the VLAN A section is completed, you can move on to the VLAN B section.

  8. In the VLAN B section:

    • Cloud Router – Choose the same cloud router you selected in the VLAN A section.

    • Name this VLAN Attachment – Enter a name for the secondary connection.

    • Description (Optional) – Enter an optional description.

  9. The Pre-Activate these VLAN Attachements box is selected by default. We recommend leaving it selected.

  10. Select the legal terms box.

    The Fabric Virtual Connections Configuration section becomes activated.

  11. In the Location section:

    • Metro – Select a metro.

    • Peering Location – Select a peering location.

      The Equinix Connection Details section becomes activated.

  12. In the Equinix Connection Details section:

    • Equinix Primary Port – Choose the primary port. You can choose either QinQ or .1Q

    • Primary Connection Name – Enter a primary connection name. This name can be the same as the VLAN A attachment name you entered.

    • Outer Tag or S-tag – If you chose a .1Q primary port, enter the s-tag.

    • Inner Tag or C-tag – If you chose a .1Q primary port, enter the c-tag.

    • Primary VLAN ID – Enter the VLAN ID.

    • Equinix Secondary Port – Choose a secondary port. If you choose the same port as the primary port, you will see a redundancy warning.

    • Secondary Connection Name – Enter a secondary connection name. This name can be the same as the VLAN B attachment name you entered.

    • Secondary VLAN ID – Enter the VLAN ID

    • Bandwidth – Choose the bandwidth.

    • Purchase Order Number – Enter your purchase order number.

  13. Click Create Connection.

    Note: The Create Connection button is only active after you’ve made all the required entries.

  14. In the Create Connection prompt, enter the email address(es) for anyone who should receive notifications about this connection.

  15. Click Create Connection.

Once the connections are created, the order review summary will display. The summary includes the primary and secondary connection IDs.

The order summary includes a link to your inventory. Click Go to My Inventory to review your connection.

At the bottom of the order summary is a link to your Google Cloud Interconnect Inventory. Click Google Cloud Interconnect Inventory to access your GCP account without need to log in.