Managing Your Fabric Interconnection Services

  • Monitor port utilization
    For optimal performance, make sure your ports have sufficient bandwidth to serve all off the associated connections. Provision and add another port to a LAG-enabled port to increase the capacity or provision a new port and migrate your connections. If you're a service provider, keep track of bandwidth allocation - enable alert to be notified when the allocation exceeds a specified bandwidth percentage. Consider allowing port bandwidth oversubscription to optimize port usage.

  • Monitor connections
    Observe connection utilization, ppgrade connection bandwidth if your needs exceed original expectations.

  • Optimize your connections
    If your colocation footprint exceeds three IBX data centers and you need to connect assets in each IBX data center with assets in all other IBX data centers, consider using networks to reduce the number of connections and simplify your Equinix Fabric deployment.

  • Monitor pending connections
    Review connections requests and approve them to enable your subscribers to access your services.

  • Expand to new markets
    Equinix constantly expands its colocation footprint. Keep an eye on news on expansions not to miss an opportunity to make your services available in new markets.

  • Support - Equinix Fabric provides 24/7 support to its customers. You can contact Equinix Fabric support through its portal, email, or phone. See Support and Case Management.