Implementing Your Fabric Interconnection Services

  • Enable Equinix Fabric Services
    Ask your organization's primary administrator to grant you permissions to manage Equinix Fabric assets.

  • Provision ports
    Choose port configuration, connections package and speed based on your initial assessment.

  • Connect to your own assets
    Establish reliable, low-latency connection between your assets colocated in different IBX data centers.

  • Connect to service providers
    Connect to service providers that address your business needs.

  • Create your Service Profile (applicable to Service Providers)
    Define your services and design a solution that will enable convenient access. Create your Service Profile and submit it for approval. Create your Company Profile to make sure others can see your offering in Equinix Marketplace.

  • Create Service Tokens - Create and share Z-side service tokens to enable others to connect to your services without having to approve pending connections.

What next?

See Managing Your Fabric Interconnection Services.