Network Models and Time Synchronization

Equinix Precision Time supports various network scenarios. The Precision Time distribution network model does not vary between these models. However, the consumption of time services by client devices varies between the models.

Match your system to the models shown below to determine the best Precision Time configuration for your topology needs.

The following consumption models are available:

  • Direct Consumption – Ideal for a small number of devices to synchronize.  
    • Available for either Precision Time Protocol (PTP) or Network Time Protocol (NTP).

    • Offers high accuracy to all end devices.

    • Has an inherent upper limit to the number of devices you can connect to Precision Time on a single service. The upper limit is determined by the service tier you employ. For details on service tiers, see Ordering Equinix Precision Time.

  • Cascaded Consumption – Ideal for thousands of devices to synchronize to a single reference time. This model is applicable for a private internal network, or for multiple private networks connected to end devices.

    • You can connect one or two devices directly to the service, after which you can synchronize devices in your internal or private network to those connected devices.

    • You can synchronize an unlimited number of devices on a single service.

    • You can add as many hops as you want, but keep in mind every additional hop might impact the accuracy levels.

Within either model:

  • Precision Time currently supports Equinix Fabric port non-redundant topology.

  • Precision Time currently supports Network Edge non-redundant topology.

    Important: Network Edge is supported only for NTP-Enterprise Service.