Digital Services, Shared Responsibility Model & Data Protection

Introduction to Equinix Security and privacy

Our commitment to data protection, respecting the privacy of our customers and the security of our services as foundational elements to the critical infrastructure deployments of our customers is embedded into every aspect of our business processes, product design and operational model. Below you will learn more about the measures we take to protect customer data, including our policies in place across our global data centers, our commitment to transparency, our robust compliance regime, our policies governing sub-processors, and the Shared Responsibility Model between Equinix and our customers.

Data Security and Privacy Management

We adapt policies, standards, processes, and procedures in accordance with evolving data privacy laws and regulations as they apply to us, as well as when our product portfolio and services evolve.

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Secure Data Centers

The foundation to Equinix’s security posture is our global footprint of Equinix-owned and operated datacenters. Our datacenters are built and operated with advanced security capabilities to control and monitor access to our facilities, as well as the critical infrastructure that supports them. Each authorized visitor passes through five security checkpoints that include 24/7 guarded security stations, access control vestibules, biometric readers, and a robust set of cybersecurity measures.

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Trust & Transparency

Equinix maintains a Trust & Transparency program that outlines policies, procedures, and security measures we have in place to protect sensitive data, systems, and assets. This program ensures that customer equipment, and where applicable, customer data, is always protected.

Our program involves making information about our security practices and policies available to our customers, regularly publishing security reports or updates to existing reports. Equinix aims to ensure clear communication channels for reporting and addressing security issues and concerns.

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Shared Responsibility Model

As businesses adopt more service offerings, including Equinix’s portfolio of datacenter and digital services, it is critical to understand the division of responsibility for various parts of IT architectures that include Equinix services. Equinix provides a published shared responsibility model that aims to provide clarity to customers and partners as they leverage Equinix’s services to design and implement mission critical, secure and reliable IT architectures.

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Equinix Metal Data Privacy Positioning Statement

We enable our customers to access all the right places, partners and possibilities they need to accelerate advantage. In supporting our customers, we are compliant with data privacy laws that regulate the handling and controlling of personal data. Read our positioning statement to understand our approach to data privacy for Equinix Metal.

Read our Equinix Metal Data Privacy Positioning Statement

Equinix Metal Data Processing Agreement

The Equinix Metal Data Processing Agreement (DPA) sets out the agreed way in which Equinix manages its data processing obligations to its customers in respect of the provision of Equinix Metal. The DPA sets out the detail of the technical and organizational measures that Equinix implements and maintains to protect our customers’ data.

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Equinix Metal Sub-Processor List

The Equinix sub-processor list identifies sub-processors authorized to sub-process customer or personal data on behalf of Equinix in the provision of Equinix Metal. This list is applicable for Equinix Metal as governed by the Equinix Metal Data Processing Agreement. Equinix publishes the names of any new sub-processors for Equinix Metal in advance of the sub-processor’s authorization to perform services that may involve access to customer or personal data.

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