Trust & Transparency Dashboard

Use the Trust and Transparency dashboard to access information about security incidents and self-service standardized reports. This allows you to ensure Equinix services are in compliance with your organizational requirements.

To access the Trust and Transparency dashboard:

  • Sign into the Customer Portal, then click the left side menu () and select Tools and then Trust and Transparency.

Report Types

Trust and Transparency dashboard categorizes the security reports into different sections.


  • Standardized Information Gathering (SIG) Questionnaire – Learn how Equinix uses the SIG questionnaire indexed to multiple regulations and control frameworks.

  • Cloud Security Alliance – Learn about the Security Trust Assurance and Risk (STAR) Registry Listing for Equinix.

App Security

  • Reactive Statement – Learn how Equinix responds to Industry Information Security incidents and provides insights to our customers.

  • Responsible Disclosure – In an effort to protect our digital ecosystem, customers, users and security, researchers can report any perceived or potential security issues they may discover.

  • Breach Notification – Keep current on the latest updates in the event of an Information Security breach.

Policy Details

  • Equinix’s Global Information Security Policies – Learn more about our Global Information Security policies.

Bitsight Report and Score

  • Bitsight Report and Score – View the latest BitSight Security Ratings Score Statement for our corporate controlled environment.

Threat Analysis Center

  • Cyber Threat Landscape Reports – Download assessments of threats to broad sectors, such as data centres, as well as geographical regions.

  • Cyber Threat Analysis Reports – Download assessments of cyber threats relevant to Equinix and our customers. ALso learn about security best practices, and compensating controls implemented by Equinix to prevent and mitigate such threats from impacting IBX data centres.

  • Exposure Assessment Reports – Download assessments that address Equinix’s exposure to certain vendor-disclosed vulnerabilities and external data breaches.

  • Equinix Threat Analysis Center – Learn about ETAC that tracks trending cyber threats and delivers contextual, timely and actionable intelligence to identify direct and indirect impacts to Equinix.

Security Awareness Center

  • Annual Mandatory Security Awareness Training – Ready-to-use training on-demand, intuitive and updated per the latest global Industry guidance.

  • Learn about Security Phishing Training Program – Phishing and other social engineering attack simulations.

  • Learn about Equinix Security Awareness Center – Learn about Equinix’s robust Security Awarenes Programme.

Certifications and Reports

  • Digital Certications and Reports – View and download the latest Digital Services security certifications and reports.

  • Equinix Corporate Certifications and Reports – View and download the latest Equinix Corporate security certifications and reports.