Support Case

Purpose This topic describes how to open a support case through the Customer Portal.
  1. Click Open a Support Case from the Support menu at the top right corner of the page.
  2. Select the area in which you need support.
  3. Example: Under the Administration column, choose Billing Support.

  4. Under Case Details select the specific case type.
  5. Underneath case type, enter any additional details necessary.
  6. The attachment option is available to attach files that can assist the case further.

Products and Services

You must select the correct product and service when opening a support case. Below are all the products and services you can open a support case for.


Equinix Fabric

  • Ports - Are issues impacting your service? Search existing ports or open a support case for a new port.

  • Connections - Search and open a support case for your new or existing connections.

  • Networks - Search and open a support case for your new or existing connections.

  • Other Technical Issues - Any miscellaneous Fabric issues report here.

Equinix Precision Time

  • Services - Use search functions to find your service ID or inquire about your new service order.

  • Other Technical Issues - Get consumer and network locations, as well as pricing.

Network Edge

  • Virtual Device - Receive assistance with an existing device, or get help creating a new one.

  • Connections - Get assistance with layer 2 or 3 connections.

  • Device Link - Receive help with network location and pricing.

  • Other Technical Issues - All other Network Edge related issues can be opened here.

Support Case History

On the Support Case page, there is a link located above the products and services area. The link is called View Support Case History. Once you click this link, you will now be sent to the Support Center area. The Support Center page displays different tab options under Support Case History.

Note: Contact the Service Desk for cases created before November of 2021.

Support Case History Options

  • Open - View your current open cases and filter by date range.

  • Action Required - Cases that require further action, or additional details by customer.

  • Closed - These are past cases that have been resolved and closed.

  • All - This last option will show all your cases from past to present.


    What is the name of the link located above the products and services area, that will redirect you to the Support Center?

    Correct! This is the link that will send you to the Support Center area.

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