Support Case

Tip: To request access to the Customer Portal, contact us by chat, phone, or email.

This topic describes how to open a support case through the Customer Portal. It also describes how to track existing support cases, and use filters and searches to find specific cases.

  1. Click Support at the top right corner of the page and select Open a Support Case. Or, if you are already on the Support Center page, click .
  2. Select the product or service you need support for. See Products and Services for descriptions.

  3. Complete the form presented, based on the product or service you selected.
  4. Add attachments if desired.

  5. Click Submit. Or, to cancel the support case, click Cancel.

And here's a brief animation demonstrating how to open a support case.


Pop Quiz

What is the name of the link located above the products and services area, that will redirect you to the Support Center?

Correct! This is the link that will send you to the Support Center area.

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