Live 24/7 Chat Support

You can find information, start a live chat, create or track a support case, or request a support callback within the portal. As a new user, when you log on for the first time you will notice there are help bubbles. The help bubbles provide pro tips and notes on how to use the link that you hover over.

Equinix now offers Live Chat 24 hours a day, seven days a week with Support in the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP). Live Chat is a secure channel enabling you to connect quickly with our support team for real-time assistance.

Note: Live Chat is currently available in English. Additional language support will be added in future.

To access live chat, follow the instructions below.

  1. Log in to ECP and click the Support link in the top right corner.

  2. Click on Start a Live Chat.

  3. A disclaimer says, “ Your live chat will be recorded for quality assurance.”

  4. Once the live chat icon is clicked, the chat window will display two automated chat questions.

    1. Need help with existing Order number or case number?

    2. Start a new inquiry?

  5. Enter the order number or case number along with the description of the issue.

Be descriptive as possible, as the live agent will use this information to context your case. Once the required information is entered, a live chat agent will appear momentarily. If an agent is not available, the user should be entered into a queue or waiting list.

Note: In instances of Live Chat downtime, please open a support case via the Support page or call Customer Support.

At any point after the live chat is opened, if the back button is clicked the user will be redirected to the main landing page of the live chat. At any point you can click on the Support menu and go to the Support Center, and your live chat window will follow. Once the live chat ends, the user will have the option to Share Feedback or Save Transcript.

Pop Quiz

Where can you can access and review the Privacy Statement for Live Chat?

Correct! Before Live Chat begins, a chat disclaimer will appear and you will have the option to view the Privacy Statement.

Sorry, this is not correct. Try a different answer.