IBX Access Permissions

If you're an administrator, you can assign IBX access permissions for your users. These permissions control whether a user:

  • Can physically enter an IBX.
  • Can bring guests to the IBX.
  • Can remove equipment from the IBX.
  • Can access specific cages and cabinets.
  • Can schedule work visits, data center tours, and conference rooms.
  • Can perform administrative tasks.

Note: A user's physical IBX access is deactivated after one year of inactivity. That is, if the user does not check in to any IBXs using the standard Equinix process for 365 days, their physical access permission is deactivated. Only IBX data center access permissions are deactivated. This does NOT affect the user's ECP profile or ECP account. A company administrator can reactivate the user's IBX access by clicking Reactivate on the Permissions tab of the Manage Users page for that user, or by using the IBX Data Center Access screen (detailed instructions below).

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Tip: For information about creating and activating user accounts and passwords, see Administrator Responsibilities.