Turnaround Times

The turnaround time or Service Level Objective (SLO) for Smart Hands services varies, based on several factors (as described below).

Standard Turnaround Times

The normal turnaround time for Smart Hands services varies by IBX:

  • For 24/7 IBX sites, the turnaround time is 36 clock hours.

  • For non-24/7 IBX sites, the turnaround time is 4.5 business days.

Important: There are exceptions that might affect the turnaround time, such as when a physical or power audit is being performed, or during large rack-and-stack installations. Note that complex Smart Hands requests may also take longer than the standard turnaround time.

Tip: To see the normal operation times for a specific IBX, refer to IBX List / Smart Hands Availability.

Expedited Services

Most services can be expedited for an additional fee (subject to IBX resource availability). Expedite requests must be submitted at least 2 hours before the required start time. An expedite fee is added to your order if you:

  • Choose the Expedited option when scheduling your request.


  • Schedule your request earlier than the current turnaround time for the IBX.