Return Material Authorizations (RMA)

This topic explains the handling of a Return Material Authorization as part of an equipment replacement within your colocation space.

For an RMA, your inbound equipment and associated packaging are held in the IBX’s intake area until the time of installation. After installation, the packaging is re-used to return the old equipment. An RMA request generally consists of 3 parts:

  1. An Inbound Shipment order

  2. A Move/Replace Equipment/RMA order

  3. An Outbound Shipment order

You can submit all 3 orders together via the Move/Replace Equipment/RMA order form (see the procedure below).

Important: In most cases, an IBX will only hold a shipment for 5 business days. Therefore, we recommend that you schedule your installation to occur no more than 5 days after your inbound shipment arrival date, and that you schedule your outbound shipment no more than 5 days after the installation.

Note: This process allows for proper tracking of RMA requests. It also ensures compliance with our Flammable Material Removal Policy, by preventing cardboard from entering the colocation floor. (For policy details, see section D.2 of our Global IBX Policies.)