Physical Audit Service

Use the Smart Hands Physical Audit service to request verification and documentation of the installed equipment and cable connectivity within your IBX space.

Important: For ISO or Certification Audits, place the request through your Customer Service Manager. For IBX certifications, click IBX Certifications on the Smart Hands Catalog.

Typical physical audit requests are:

  • General space inventory

  • Power audit and diagram

  • Cage and racking diagrams

  • Cabling diagram

  • Patch cable trace*

  • Power cable trace*

  • Spare cable inventory

  • Device inventory

Note: * Certain physical audit requests such as physical traces may require additional confirmations before proceeding

This service provides the following benefits:

  • Leverage physical audit experience through the Equinix Standard IBX Operations auditing process.

  • Enable customized documents and diagrams specific to your environmental aspects.

  • Simplify import and integration of accessing audit results from your chosen template or Excel format.

  • Access Rack Elevation diagrams.

To request the physical audit service, open a Smart Hands order in the Customer Portal for Physical Audit. For instructions, see Submit a Smart Hands Order.

Your installed equipment and cabling assets within your IBX space will be verified and documented. Infrastructure and cabling diagrams can include customer equipment and Equinix demarcation, if desired.

Cabling example: