Support Plans

Business infrastructure requires maintenance and support 24x7x365. Our experienced IBX technicians can manage your IBX data center infrastructure for you, so your internal IT personnel are free to concentrate on your mission-critical tasks. And with a pre-paid Smart Hands support plan, you can save money, time, and hassle.

Benefits of a Smart Hands Support Plan

  • You can use Smart Hands services at a discounted cost (up to 40%).

  • You can customize your support plan by choosing the exact number of support hours to include in your plan (per month or per year).

  • You can accurately budget future costs for regular scheduled maintenance.

  • If you have an emergency and need assistance with your equipment immediately, you don't have to go through your company’s purchase approval process first.

  • You can use your plan hours in any IBX in the country for which the plan was purchased, or choose to restrict the plan hours to a single IBX.

  • You can reduce red tape by eliminating the need for individual internal approvals for support costs.

  • You can better reconcile your budgets by separating a financial expense (plan purchase) from day-to-day operational expenses (operations or support).

  • You can roll over unused monthly plan hours for 1 month (if you choose the Rollover plan).

  • You can choose from two payment schedules for your support plan: monthly or yearly.