IBX List / Smart Hands Availability

This list shows all the Equinix IBX data centers, and the type of Smart Hands on-site coverage they provide.

Note: For more information, see Global Data Center Locations.

Coverage Types: IBX Types:
24/7 on-site operational coverage

Equinix data center
Non-24/7 on-site operational coverage

xScale data center
Smart Hands not available « Partner data center

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Region Metro IBX Type IBX Coverage Type
Americas Atlanta, GA AT1
Americas Atlanta, GA AT2
Americas Atlanta, GA AT3
Americas Atlanta, GA AT4
Americas Atlanta, GA AT5
Americas Bogota, Colombia BG1
Americas Boston, MA BO1
Americas Boston, MA BO2
Americas Calgary, Canada CL1
Americas Calgary, Canada CL2
Americas Calgary, Canada CL3
Americas Chicago, IL CH1
Americas Chicago, IL CH2
Americas Chicago, IL CH3
Americas Chicago, IL CH4
Americas Chicago, IL CH7
Americas Culpeper, VA CU1
Americas Culpeper, VA CU2
Americas Culpeper, VA CU3
Americas Culpeper, VA CU4
Americas Dallas, TX DA1
Americas Dallas, TX DA2
Americas Dallas, TX DA3
Americas Dallas, TX DA4
Americas Dallas, TX DA6
Americas Dallas, TX DA7
Americas Dallas, TX DA9
Americas Dallas, TX DA10
Americas Dallas, TX DA11
Americas Denver, CO DE1
Americas Denver, CO DE2
Americas Houston, TX HO1
Americas Kamloops, Canada KA1
Americas Los Angeles, CA LA1
Americas Los Angeles, CA LA2
Americas Los Angeles, CA LA3
Americas Los Angeles, CA LA4
Americas Los Angeles, CA LA7
Americas Mexico City, Mexico MX1
Americas Mexico City, Mexico MX2
Americas Miami, FL MI1
Americas Miami, FL MI2
Americas Miami, FL MI3
Americas Miami, FL MI6
Americas Monterrey, Mexico MO1
Americas Montreal, Canada MT1
Americas New York, NY NY1
Americas New York, NY NY2
Americas New York, NY NY4
Americas New York, NY NY5
Americas New York, NY NY6
Americas New York, NY NY7
Americas New York, NY NY8
Americas New York, NY NY9
Americas New York, NY NY11
Americas New York, NY NY13
Americas Ottawa, Canada OT1
Americas Philadelphia, PA PH1
Americas Rio de Janeiro, Brazil RJ1
Americas Rio de Janeiro, Brazil RJ2
Americas Saint John, Canada SJ1
Americas São Paulo, Brazil SP1
Americas São Paulo, Brazil SP2
Americas São Paulo, Brazil SP3
Americas São Paulo, Brazil SP4
Americas São Paulo, Brazil SP5x
Americas Seattle, WA SE2
Americas Seattle, WA SE3
Americas Seattle, WA SE4
Americas Silicon Valley, CA SV1
Americas Silicon Valley, CA SV2
Americas Silicon Valley, CA SV3
Americas Silicon Valley, CA SV4
Americas Silicon Valley, CA SV5
Americas Silicon Valley, CA SV6
Americas Silicon Valley, CA SV8
Americas Silicon Valley, CA SV10
Americas Silicon Valley, CA SV11
Americas Silicon Valley, CA SV13
Americas Silicon Valley, CA SV14
Americas Silicon Valley, CA SV15
Americas Silicon Valley, CA SV16
Americas Silicon Valley, CA SV17
Americas Toronto, Canada TR1
Americas Toronto, Canada TR2
Americas Toronto, Canada TR4
Americas Toronto, Canada TR5
Americas Toronto, Canada TR6
Americas Toronto, Canada TR7
Americas Vancouver, Canada VA1
Americas Washington, D.C. DC1
Americas Washington, D.C. DC2
Americas Washington, D.C. DC3
Americas Washington, D.C. DC4
Americas Washington, D.C. DC5
Americas Washington, D.C. DC6
Americas Washington, D.C. DC7
Americas Washington, D.C. DC8
Americas Washington, D.C. DC10
Americas Washington, D.C. DC11
Americas Washington, D.C. DC12
Americas Washington, D.C. DC13
Americas Washington, D.C. DC14
Americas Washington, D.C. DC15
Americas Washington, D.C. DC21
Americas Winnipeg, Canada WI1
Asia‑Pacific Adelaide, Australia AE1
Asia‑Pacific Brisbane, Australia BR1
Asia‑Pacific Canberra, Australia CA1
Asia‑Pacific Hong Kong, China HK1
Asia‑Pacific Hong Kong, China HK2
Asia‑Pacific Hong Kong, China HK3
Asia‑Pacific Hong Kong, China HK4
Asia‑Pacific Hong Kong, China HK5
Asia‑Pacific Melbourne, Australia ME1
Asia‑Pacific Melbourne, Australia ME2
Asia‑Pacific Melbourne, Australia ME4
Asia‑Pacific Melbourne, Australia ME5
Asia‑Pacific Osaka, Japan OS1
Asia‑Pacific Osaka, Japan OS2x
Asia‑Pacific Perth, Australia PE1
Asia‑Pacific Perth, Australia PE2
Asia‑Pacific Seoul, South Korea SL1
Asia‑Pacific Shanghai, China « SH1
Asia‑Pacific Shanghai, China « SH2
Asia‑Pacific Shanghai, China « SH3
Asia‑Pacific Shanghai, China « SH5
Asia‑Pacific Shanghai, China « SH6
Asia‑Pacific Singapore SG1
Asia‑Pacific Singapore SG2
Asia‑Pacific Singapore SG3
Asia‑Pacific Singapore SG4
Asia‑Pacific Sydney, Australia SY1
Asia‑Pacific Sydney, Australia SY2
Asia‑Pacific Sydney, Australia SY3
Asia‑Pacific Sydney, Australia SY4
Asia‑Pacific Sydney, Australia SY5
Asia‑Pacific Sydney, Australia SY6
Asia‑Pacific Sydney, Australia SY7
Asia‑Pacific Sydney, Australia SY8
Asia‑Pacific Tokyo, Japan TY1
Asia‑Pacific Tokyo, Japan TY2
Asia‑Pacific Tokyo, Japan TY3
Asia‑Pacific Tokyo, Japan TY4
Asia‑Pacific Tokyo, Japan TY5
Asia‑Pacific Tokyo, Japan TY6
Asia‑Pacific Tokyo, Japan TY7
Asia‑Pacific Tokyo, Japan TY8
Asia‑Pacific Tokyo, Japan TY9
Asia‑Pacific Tokyo, Japan TY10
Asia‑Pacific Tokyo, Japan TY11
Asia‑Pacific Tokyo, Japan TY12x
EMEA Frankfurt, Germany FR1
EMEA Frankfurt, Germany FR2
EMEA Frankfurt, Germany FR4
EMEA Frankfurt, Germany FR5
EMEA Frankfurt, Germany FR6
EMEA Frankfurt, Germany FR7
EMEA Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates AD1
EMEA Amsterdam, Netherlands AM1
EMEA Amsterdam, Netherlands AM2
EMEA Amsterdam, Netherlands AM3
EMEA Amsterdam, Netherlands AM4
EMEA Amsterdam, Netherlands AM5
EMEA Amsterdam, Netherlands AM6
EMEA Amsterdam, Netherlands AM7
EMEA Amsterdam, Netherlands AM8
EMEA Amsterdam, Netherlands AM11
EMEA Barcelona, Spain BA1
EMEA Dubai, United Arab Emirates DX1
EMEA Dubai, United Arab Emirates DX2
EMEA Dublin, Ireland DB1
EMEA Dublin, Ireland DB2
EMEA Dublin, Ireland DB3
EMEA Dublin, Ireland DB4
EMEA Dusseldorf, Germany DU1
EMEA Enschede, Netherlands EN1
EMEA Frankfurt, Germany FR9x
EMEA Geneva, Switzerland GV1
EMEA Geneva, Switzerland GV2
EMEA Hamburg, Germany HH1
EMEA Helsinki, Finland HE1
EMEA Helsinki, Finland HE3
EMEA Helsinki, Finland HE4
EMEA Helsinki, Finland HE5
EMEA Helsinki, Finland HE6
EMEA Helsinki, Finland HE7
EMEA Istanbul, Turkey IL2
EMEA Lisbon, Portugal LS1
EMEA London, United Kingdom LD3
EMEA London, United Kingdom LD4
EMEA London, United Kingdom LD5
EMEA London, United Kingdom LD6
EMEA London, United Kingdom LD7
EMEA London, United Kingdom LD8
EMEA London, United Kingdom LD9
EMEA London, United Kingdom LD10
EMEA London, United Kingdom LD11x
EMEA London, United Kingdom LD13x
EMEA Madrid, Spain MD1
EMEA Madrid, Spain MD2
EMEA Manchester, United Kingdom MA1
EMEA Manchester, United Kingdom MA2
EMEA Manchester, United Kingdom MA3
EMEA Manchester, United Kingdom MA4
EMEA Milan, Italy ML2
EMEA Milan, Italy ML3
EMEA Milan, Italy ML4
EMEA Munich, Germany MU1
EMEA Munich, Germany MU3
EMEA Muscat, Oman MC1
EMEA Paris, France PA1
EMEA Paris, France PA2
EMEA Paris, France PA3
EMEA Paris, France PA4
EMEA Paris, France PA5
EMEA Paris, France PA6
EMEA Paris, France PA7
EMEA Paris, France PA8x
EMEA Paris, France PA9x
EMEA Seville, Spain SA1
EMEA Sofia, Bulgaria SO1
EMEA Sofia, Bulgaria SO2
EMEA Stockholm, Sweden SK1
EMEA Stockholm, Sweden SK2
EMEA Stockholm, Sweden SK3
EMEA Warsaw, Poland WA1
EMEA Warsaw, Poland WA2
EMEA Warsaw, Poland WA3
EMEA Zurich, Switzerland ZH2
EMEA Zurich, Switzerland ZH4
EMEA Zurich, Switzerland ZH5
EMEA Zwolle, Netherlands ZW1