Outbound Shipments from an IBX

Video – Creating Shipment Orders

You can use an Outbound Shipment order to send items from your space at the IBX back to the manufacturer, back to you, to another IBX, etc. This topic explains how outgoing shipments from the IBX are handled (including hand-carried items).

Important: All outgoing shipments from an IBX must be scheduled 24 hours in advance by opening an Outbound Shipment order in the Customer Portal, or by calling the Global Service Desk (GSD) at +1.866.EQUINIX (+1.866.378.4649).

Note: At non-24/7 IBXs, shipments during non-standard business hours (after hours or weekends) require prior approval and will be billed to your account as a Smart Hands fee. To see the operation times for a specific IBX, refer to IBX List / Smart Hands Availability.