About Equinix Marketplace

Equinix Marketplace is a business-to-business platform for buyersA buyer is a user who connects to an available service through Equinix Fabric. A buyer can be an enterprise customer of the seller service or an aggregator, managed service provider, network service provider, or system integrator company that bundles its service offerings with Equinix Fabric. and sellersA seller is a user who makes their services available to end customers through Equinix Fabric., or service providers. Equinix Account Managers also use tools on the platform to help their accounts locate qualified business leads and manage interconnections. Access Equinix Marketplace at marketplace.equinix.com.

Whether you are an enterprise buyer, service provider or reseller, Equinix Marketplace can help you. It is the easiest way to find, connect, and market to a growing ecosystem of 10,000+ members, with 175+ IBXEquinix International Business Exchange (data center) data centers located in 63 markets which have created 386,000+ interconnections across Platform Equinix™. Search 33 product and service categories for 2200+ cloud and IT providers.

We've built the Equinix Marketplace to help grow your business with strategic colocation solutions and decision-making tools, whether your company is selling services or looking to connect with service providers already available in our IBX data centers.

The searchable business directory contains thousands of leading companies from vital industry verticals. SaaSSoftware as a Service, cloud and network service providers, colocation partners, and resellers can connect with enterprise customers searching for and contacting sellers. Equinix Marketplace generates leads from potential buyers colocated in Equinix data center ecosystems.

Use search and business analytics tools in Equinix Marketplace to help you find the right partners and maximize your interconnections. Search by services or locations, then refine your results by selecting sub-categories of Network, Cloud and IT, Financial, or Content and Media. Filter by regions, metros, or specific data centers to identify the best opportunities for your business. Once you have your results, you can save your search and download it if you choose.

Equinix Marketplace contains:

  • Accounts – member and guests, includes self-registration and trial accounts

  • Storefront editing – add events, promotions, and solution briefs

  • Extras – share apps, update service offerings, qualify for badges, and manage team contacts

  • Search and connect – filter by location, service, industry, and favorites. Save your search results and, if an enterprise member, contact service providers

  • Service provider reports – download customized reports to make informed decisions regarding locations, customers, interconnectivity, and more

  • Direct connect badges – highlights featured cloud and network service providers

  • Map app – identify potential markets, hub connections, and latency rings

  • Matchmaker app – for large providers to identify interconnection and colocation opportunities for existing customers with cross connection relationships

  • Matchmaker Simulator – work with your Equinix representative to identify colocation opportunities and find buyers in targeted metro locations

  • Ecosystem Visualizer – work with your Equinix representative to view customer ecosystems for any Equinix metro location