Network Edge Free Trial

New Equinix Fabric customers can sign up for a free two-week trial of Network Edge. During this trial period, new users will not be charged for specific types of network edge functions and virtual connections.

To seamlessly convert the trial devices into production, users are required to add a billing account before the end of trial period.

Click here to start your free trial.

Trial Information Description
Duration 14 days after signing up for free trial
User Account Type New user with legitimate business email address, or existing Equinix Fabric / IBX user who has not used the Network Edge service before
Available VNF Type All vendors (Cloud routers, NGFWs, SD-WAN Gateways, etc.) are supported
VNF Size Limited to Small (2 Core VNFs) only
VNF Numbers 2 VNFs, or 1 Redundant Pair VNF, or 1 Clustered VNF deployment
Virtual Connections 4 Virtual Connections (You need your CSP (Cloud Service Provider) portal accounts to connect Network Edge devices to AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.) Bring Your Own Connection (BYOC) is not available for trial users.
Available Metros All metros are supported for trials
Post Trial VNFs provisioned in the trial period can be migrated to production after creating a billing account. However, the size of the VNF cannot be changed during migration. If different resource sizes need to be provisioned, reprovisioning is highly recommended. If a billing account is not created after the trial period ends, all VNFs are deprovisioned.

If you are new to Network Edge, the Try Network Edge for Free banner will appear on the top of your Fabric portal landing page.

  1. Click Start the Free Trial in the banner. The trial period starts right after clicking Start the Free Trial.

  1. Enter your contact information and click Continue. All fields are required.

  2. Review and accept the Digital Services Agreement by scrolling through the terms and conditions, then select I have read and understand these terms.

  3. Click Accept.

Note: Click Convert to a Full Account at any time during your trial to convert to a production account. You must add a billing account to your trial in order to convert to a customer account. The trial period will be honored regardless of when you add a billing account.

The following table outlines the differences between a trial account and a full production account.

  Trial Account Full Production Account
Fabric Portal Yes Yes
API No Yes
Terraform No Yes
Duration 14 days Monthly or term based (12, 24, 36 months)
Metro Availability All Network Edge Metros All Network Edge Metros
Vendors & Device Types All All
Subscription License No Yes*
Bring Your Own License (BYOL) Yes Yes
Grace Period / Evaluation License Yes* Yes*
Maximum Number of Devices 2 No limitation
Maximum Device Specification 2 CPU 16 CPU*
High Availability Pair Within Metro Yes Yes
High Availability Pair Across Metro Yes Yes
Cluster Yes* Yes*
Internet Bandwidth (for management, IPSec, SD-WAN) 15 Mbps Up to 5 Gbps
Local Fabric Connections Yes Yes
Remote Fabric Connections Yes Yes
Maximum number of Fabric Connections 4 No limitation
Maximum Fabric Connection Size 50 Mbps Up to 10 Gbps
Device Link - Within Metro Yes Yes
Device Link - Across Metros Yes Yes
VPN Tunnels Yes* Yes*
SSH Access Yes* Yes*
Console Access Yes* Yes*

* Depends on vendor and device type.