Billing Account Management

The Account Management feature in Network Edge allows users to create, view, and edit billing accounts.

Billing Management Video

Creating a New Billing Account

To create a new billing account, you need to enter your billing information and accept the terms and conditions.

Important: The new billing account status will be Pending or Active. Pending and Active accounts can be used to place orders for virtual devices and Equinix Fabric remote ports.

  1. Sign in to Equinix Fabric..
  2. Click Administration and choose Account Management. Existing billing accounts will display.
  3. Click Create New Billing Account.

  4. In the Enter Account Information section, select Equinix Network Edge Virtual Device in the Product drop-down menu.
  5. In the Account Resale Information section:
    • Select Resell Equinix products and services with this account if you are a reseller. Enter your Equinix partner sales account number.

    • Note: If you do not have an Equinix partner sales account number, contact your Equinix Sales team.

    • Select This account will not be used to resell Equinix products and services if you are not a reseller.
  6. In the Country drop-down menu, select the country where the service is going to be ordered.
  7. Click Begin Creating Billing Account.
  8. In the Company Information section, enter the following information:
    • Billing Account Name – Enter a name for the billing account.
    • Country – Enter the location of your company's office address for this billing account.
    • Address – Enter the company address.
    • State/Province – Enter the state or province.
    • City – Enter the city.
    • Zip/Post Code – Enter the postal code.
  9. In the Billing Information section, enter the following information:
    • Bill To Address – Select the billing address. If you select Enter a new bill-to address, enter the address details.
    • Bill To Contact – Enter the billing contact name and contact information.
    • Sold-To Address – Select the sold-to address.
    • VAT Registration Number – Enter the VAT registration number if its applicable based on the country/region where the billing account is being created.
    • Currency – Select the currency.
  10. In the Account Specifications section, indicate if all orders require a PO, and if all orders require a signature by selecting the check boxes.
  11. In the Terms & Conditions section, select a Legal Agreement Requirements option.
    • Select My Organization does not require signed documents to accept Terms and Conditions if your organization allows electronic acceptance of terms. This option requires you to view the terms and accept electronically. Review the Digital Service Agreement, select I have read and understand these terms, and click Accept.
    • Select My Organization requires signed documents to accept Terms and Conditions if a signed document is required. This option requires you to e-sign or wet sign the Digital Services Agreement or designate another individual to e-sign or wet sign. You will receive an email from Equinix that provides a link for completing the signatures.

Note: If the digital services agreement has been negotiated offline, you will not make a selection in the Terms & Conditions section. Instead, a note will display indicating that the Digital Services Agreement has already been accepted.

  1. Click Create Account.

When the new billing account is created, you'll be able to view it on the Account Management page. The account name will display, but the account number will be In Progress and the account status will be Pending or Active. It takes up to two hours for the account number to generate.

  • Direct Customers – The new billing account status will be Pending or Active and can be used to order virtual devices and Equinix Fabric remote ports.

  • Resellers – If you are placing orders for yourself, Pending or Active accounts can be used to place orders for virtual devices and Equinix Fabric remote ports. If you are placing orders for your customer:

    • Go to the Equinix Customer Portal.

    • Click Administration and select Reseller Customer Management to create the end-customer account. The end-customer account number will take up to an hour to generate.

    • Add the first user.

    • Be sure to select the Enable Network Edge checkbox.

    • Go back to the Equinix Fabric portal and place the first device order on behalf of the end-customer.

    For more information about Equinix Fabric resellers and impersonation, see Equinix Fabric Resellers and Reseller Impersonation.

Viewing Account Details

To view account details, select an account from the list on your account management page.

Account Details displays the following:

  • Account DetailsAccount Number, Billing Account Name, and Account Status.
  • Company InformationCompany Name, and Headquarters Country.
  • Billing InformationBill to Address, Billing Country, and Currency.
  • Account Specifications – PO required (yes or no), and Signature required (yes or no).
  • Activity LogCreated date, and Last Updated date.

Note: Account Status can be Active (for an active billing account), Inactive (for a billing account that is not active), or Pending (for a billing account that has been created, but no order has been placed).

Deleting a Billing Account

Billing accounts can't be deleted from the portal. If you need to delete a billing account, contact the Equinix sales team.

Live Chat

If you encounter issues or have any questions about creating a new billing account, Network Edge has a live chat option to help. Click the green chat icon on the bottom right corner of the page.

A chat box displays allowing the user to communicate directly with an agent.

If an agent is unavailable, users have the option of leaving a message. Click the question mark on the bottom right corner of the page and select Leave a Message.

Fill out the form, and an agent will respond as soon as possible.