BYOC Orders Inventory

The Bring Your Own Connections Inventory provides a single location for viewing all of your.

From the Network Edge menu, select Bring Your Own Connections to access your inventory.

Your connections display in a table. Columns include:

  • NSP Name – Network Service Provider name

  • Virtual Device UUID – Your device’s universally unique identifier (UUID)

  • Status – Connections status

  • Location

  • IBX

  • Port Order Number

  • Port Speed

  • Connection Speed

  • Submitted By

  • Submitted Date

BYOC Details

Click on any connection in your inventory to view BYOC Details and check the status of your connection order.

The preview at the top of the page will display a diagram of the connection you configured.

Status Tracker

The Status Tracker will display the current status of your order, including the progress of the order and the estimated time of completion.

Click Refresh Status to get the most up-to-date status.