Cisco Catalyst 8000V Subscription and Support

Cisco Catalyst 8KV Autonomous Mode Subscription Licensing

A license subscription option for Cisco Catalyst 8000V Autonomous mode is now available from the Equinix Network Edge portal. For Cisco VNFs support, refer to the following table to understand when to create a support case directly with Cisco.

License Type Equinix Cisco
Subscription Through Equinix For license subscription through Equinix, open Equinix support tickets for issues related to licensing such as license registration. Open a Cisco TAC case through the Network Edge portal (see the Sections below) for IOX-XE related issues or configuration related questions. Work directly with Cisco TAC without Equinix engagement.
BYOL No support from Equinix for license related issues. You are responsible for obtaining Cisco support from Cisco or Cisco partners. Contact a Cisco sales representative or partner to purchase a license and support contract.

For either license, you can open Equinix support tickets for Network Edge infrastructure related issues, including VNF operation, connectivity issues, and Network Edge service issues.

Important: The Catalyst 8000V Autonomous mode subscription licensing option allowsyou to troubleshoot Cisco 8000V software or configuration issues directly with Cisco Technical Assistant Center (TAC). To do so, a Cisco TAC support case can be submitted from the Network Edge portal, and it is routed directly to the Cisco TAC. If it is determined that there is an Equinix Network Edge infrastructure-related issue, then Equinix will engage in troubleshooting. Equinix Support will not engage in Cisco 8000V software or configuration issues and troubleshooting.

Open a Cisco TAC Case for Catalyst 8000V Subscription License on Network Edge

To open a case with Cisco TAC for your Catalyst 8000V Autonomous mode Subscription license:

  1. Click in the top right corner in Network Edge.

  2. Click Open a Support Case.

  3. In the Select a Product or Service drop-down, select Network Edge and click Virtual Device.

  4. Click Existing Device.

  5. Enter the UUID of your virtual device or select your existing Cisco C8000V virtual device with subscription option.

  6. In the Case Type drop-down, select Open Cisco TAC Case to troubleshoot issue directly with Cisco.

  7. A prompt will display to redirect you to the Device Details page for the C8000V to provide further information. Click Yes proceed.

    A notification displays when a request is submitted successfully.

  8. In the Device Details page, enter the information requested in the Cisco TAC Case box.

  9. Click Request Cisco TAC Case.

    Important: Make sure that you are opening Cisco TAC case for Cisco 8000V IOX-XE software issue OR configuration question. You will be directly working with Cisco TAC without Equinix engagement.

  10. You can also open the Cisco TAC case workflow by clicking Open Cisco TAC Case from the Device Details page.

  11. Select the TAC location first. Use Global TAC unless you are in Japan, Korea, or China and need to obtain support from the local TAC in a specific language, In that case, select the appropriate TAC location. The TAC case will be opened in the selected TAC location.

  12. For Case Type:

    • Select Diagnostic and Troubleshoot if you are seeing Cisco IOX-XE software issue and need to troubleshoot with Cisco TAC.

    • Select Question if you need assistance with Cisco 8000V IOX-XE configuration questions.

  13. Enter your Contact Name to be used to open a case with Cisco TAC.

  14. Enter your Contact Email address. This will be the main email address used to exchange communication with Cisco TAC.

  15. Provide a brief problem description for this TAC case. You can provide more details after the case is opened.

  16. Select I acknowledge and open a Cisco TAC case.

  17. Click Request Cisco TAC Case to initiate TAC case process. You will receive an email to confirm the request. The Cisco TAC case will be opened, and you will be working with Cisco TAC engineers.