Implement Your Network Edge Solution

Network Edge includes:

  • Fully automated VNFs environment along with easy-to-order and provision marketplace for industry leading network functions.

  • A pre-configured, service-ready virtual port into the Equinix Fabric to connect with Cloud and Software Service providers, partners, and to your own infrastructure on Platform Equinix around the globe.

  • Dedicated 15Mbps Internet connection to access and manage your virtual devices from anywhere through HTTPS, SSH (up to 5 users/devices when using the Equinix-configured deployment option), IPSec VPN, or SD-WAN.

  • Publicly routable IP space (/32 - one IP address) with the ability to add your own registered public address space through a Network Service Provider (NSP). Several NSPs are available for connection on the Equinix Fabric.

The platform also has a Network Edge device that includes:

  • A full image of the selected device with a pre-loaded OS from the vendor.

  • A device license management system that supports your existing license (Bring Your Own License) or a monthly subscription fee (Pay As You Go) model.

  • VPN, SSH, Access Control List (ACL), and other portal-based services to ensure secure, direct access to your device.

Once a device is activated, use it as the A-end for any connections, just like a physical port.

Network Edge devices can be deployed in 32 global Metro locations.


What’s next?

Implement Your Network Edge Devices