Metro Connect

Equinix Metro ConnectEquinix Metro Connect services provide direct, dedicated, carrier-grade network links between customers in one IBX data center and partners in another IBX within the same metro. With Metro Connect, customers enjoy fast, convenient and affordable integration with customers, partners and service providers within the Equinix digital ecosystem. Customers' organizations benefit from highly reliable, extremely low-latency communication, system integration and data exchange offers effective and reliable connectivity between IBX data centers and the Equinix customers. It allows you to connect to a partner, customer or one of your own separate deployments at a different IBX facility. Metro Connect Services are available to carry other network-based services such as Internet ExchangeEquinix Internet Exchange enables customers to exchange internet traffic through public peering on the largest peering platform in the world or Cloud Exchange between IBX's in certain metros.

Metro Connect Services offers three different products:

  • Metro Connect - Protected
  • Metro Connect - Unprotected
  • Metro Connect - Dual Diverse