Pricing, Draft Quote, Billing, and Terms

Obtain a Draft Quote

To obtain the pricing and a draft quote for a new Equinix Metro Connect order, follow these steps:

  1. Sign into the Equinix Customer Portal.

    Enter your Username and Password. If you do not have an account, contact Equinix Support.

  2. From the Orders and Tickets drop-down list, choose Network Ports, then click Metro Connect.

  3. Select the Metro area and the A-side IBX, and complete the first page that has basic connection details. The Portal price for your Metro Connect is displayed. You can download the Order Summary to get a draft quote for your order.

Pricing and Billing Concepts

Here are some key concepts for Equinix Metro Connect pricing and billing related to the charges on monthly invoices:

  • Each Metro Connect installation includes a non-recurring charge (NRC) and a monthly recurring charge (MRC), as set forth in Customer’s applicable Metro Connect Order.

  • Customers are bound to the Initial and Renewal Period (collectively the “Term”) lengths applicable to each Metro Connect Order, which are entered into as amendments to Customers’ original Licensed Space and Service Orders, wherein the Term is set.

  • In accordance with the Equinix Cross Connect Deinstallation Policy, any De-installation Fees and any applicable Early Termination Fees will be reflected on Customer’s invoice when assessed.

For more information, users can contact their account representatives.