About Metro Connect

Equinix Metro ConnectEquinix Metro Connect services provide direct, dedicated, carrier-grade network links between customers in one IBX data center and partners in another IBX within the same metro. This gives you highly reliable, extremely low-latency communication, system integration, and data exchange allows you to connect to a partner, customer, or one of your own separate deployments at a different IBXEquinix International Business Exchange (data center) facility. Metro Connect services carry other network-based services, such as Internet ExchangeEquinix Internet Exchange enables you to exchange internet traffic through public peering. or Cloud Exchange between IBXs in certain metros.


Metro Connect includes:

  • Connections between customer demarcation points
  • Multiple bandwidth options of 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps, and 100 Gbps
  • Extensions from your infrastructure to your customers and partners located in different Equinix IBX facilities within the same metro

Product Offerings

Metro Connect offers three different products:

See the Metro Connect data page for data sheets.