Multi-Lateral Peering Exchange

Multi-Lateral Peering Exchange (MLPE) automates peering between open networks through route servers that benefit the new peering networks and existing participants.

MLPE includes:

  • Support for IPv4 and IPv6 unicast routes
  • Redundant route servers at each location
  • Filters for false routes and participant advertisements implemented using Internet Routing Registry (IRR) tables
  • Transparently removes the MLPE ASN hop
  • BGP MD5 authentication
  • BGP community-based filtering for route announcements and AS pre-pending

Working of Multi-Lateral Peering

  1. The same VLAN and IP are shared between bilateral peering and multi-lateral peering.
  2. The peering customer establishes eBGP sessions with Equinix redundant MLPE servers.
  3. You exchange routes with the MLPE servers.
  4. MLPE server filters these routes using Internet Routing Registry Database (IRRDB) and Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI).