About Internet Exchange

Equinix Internet ExchangeEquinix Internet Exchange enables customers to exchange internet traffic through public peering on the largest peering platform in the world (IX) enables networks, content providers, and large enterprises to exchange internet traffic using our global peering solution. This solution, the world's largest, spans over 41 peering exchange points across the globe, with traffic peaks that exceed 14 terabits (Tbs) per second.

The Equinix Internet Exchange is a Layer 2 platform that enables interconnection (peering) between multiple networks in an operationally-efficient and cost-effective manner, while also providing high availability, performance, advanced security, and unlimited scalability.

Supported Browsers

The Internet Exchange portal can be accessed using the following browsers:

  • Chrome – v81 and v80
  • Firefox – v76 and v68
  • Edge – v81 and v80
  • Safari – v13 and v12