Internet Exchange

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Equinix Internet ExchangeEquinix Internet Exchange enables customers to exchange internet traffic through public peering on the largest peering platform in the world (IX) allows networks to effectively exchange internet traffic. The IX portal allows you to connect with peers through peering sessions, and save time by managing your ports directly through the portal. The portal takes advanced measures to ensure the security of the platform by using the Internet Routing Registry, and offering BGPBorder Gateway Protocol. A standardized exterior gateway protocol designed to exchange routing and reachability information between autonomous systems on the internet-based remotely triggered black hole filtering to drop DDoS attacks before they reach your router. This solution spans over 35 peering exchange points across the globe with traffic peaks that exceed 10 terabits per second (Tbps).


Equinix Internet Exchange includes:

Supported Browsers

The IX portal can be accessed using the following browsers:

  • Chrome – v81 and v80
  • Firefox – v76 and v68
  • Edge – v81 and v80
  • Safari – v13 and v12

See Internet Exchange data page for data sheets and peering portal.