Service Token Inventory

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Purpose The Service Token Inventory provides a single location for viewing, editing, and deleting all of the A-side and Z-side service tokens you’ve created.

To access the Service Token Inventory, go to the Service Tokens menu, and select Service Token Inventory.

The Service Token Inventory displays:

  • Unique ID – The actual service token.

  • Status – The status of the service token.

  • Type – The kind of service token (A-side or Z-side).

  • VLAN ID – The VLAN ID.

  • Port Name – The name of the port on which the service token is applied.

  • Bandwidth – The bandwidth of the port tied to this token.

  • Location – The location of the port tied to this token.

  • Expiration Date – The date the token is no longer valid.

You can customize the information columns that display in your list by clicking the settings icon and selecting or deselecting columns.


Use the search field to narrow your connection list. The drop-down list allows you to choose two specific categories.

  • Service Token – Use to search for tokens with a specific name.

  • Token Status – Use to search for tokens by their status.

Token Status

The token status column displays an icon for each token indicating the status of that token.

The service token is Active.  
The service token is Inactive.  
The service token has been Deleted.  
The service token Expired.  

Service Token Details

Click on a token in your Service Token Inventory to view the token details.