Service Tokens

PurposeA service token is a unique Equinix Fabric key that grants you authorization to an interconnection asset.

A service token can be shared with you by the provider (reseller, carrier, or service provider) to enable connectivity to or from a shared, multi-tenant port, or other virtual asset. The shared virtual asset is owned and managed by the asset owner.

Once a service token is created and shared with the customer, the customer has full permission to create a connection on the port or other asset defined by the service token. The provider can get information about a token (such as the status) or delete a token at any time.

Tip: The owner of the port or virtual device creates the service token, and the user of the port or virtual device (the customer) redeems the service token.

A-Side Service Tokens

If you want a customer to connect to a service provider on Equinix Fabric using your port, create an A-side service token.

A-side tokens authorizes use of your Equinix Fabric port by another entity (typically your customer) to connect to cloud providers, network providers, or any other Equinix Fabric participant. The owner of the port, not the customer, is billed for the provisioned virtual connection. A-side service tokens are redeemed during the Create Connection process.

A-side tokens give control of the virtual connection to your customers, allowing them to connect to any available service provider on Fabric from your port. It enables aggregated use of your A-side Fabric port and eliminates the need for you, the provider or reseller, to understand or be aware of unique requirements per provider.

Z-Side Service Tokens

If you want a customer to connect to your service using their port or device, create a Z-side token.

Z-side tokens authorizes an existing Equinix Fabric customer to create a connection from their port or virtual device to your port. The customer redeeming the Z-side token is billed for the provisioned virtual connection. The Z-side service token is an alternative to creating a private service profile, allowing you to invite another customer to create a connection to your port without creating a private service profile. Z-side service tokens are redeemed by clicking Connect to another Equinix Fabric customer and then clicking Connect using a Service Token during the Connection process.

Note: Service tokens can't be reused. Customers will need to request another token from their provider if needed.

Primary and Secondary Connections

If you want redundant connections, each connection (primary and secondary) requires a separate token. The final number in the service token address indicates if the associated port is primary or secondary:

  • 1 – Indicates that the port is the primary port.

  • 2 – Indicates that the port is the secondary port.

The primary or secondary designation will be contained in each token and will be enforced in the Equinix Fabric portal.


Net new Equinix Fabric users who create connections on a shared port will not be able to open a support ticket with Equinix. This must be done by the owner of the shared asset. The ability for net new users who create connections but do not own ports or other assets to open a support ticket is being considered for a future enhancement.

Existing Equinix Fabric users can open a ticket within the Equinix Fabric portal. For more information about support tickets, see Support.